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When should a baby be seen by a chiropractor? Why?

Updated: Mar 17

We have had the honor of assessing and adjusting babies in their first days of life. Our recommendation is that as soon as you are comfortable being out and about, let us help you make an appointment for your little one.

Birth can be both beautiful and stressful for your newborn. Their first spinal misalignment, or subluxation, can occur as early as in utero, or often times during the delivery process. Whether your baby is born vaginally or via c-section, the doctor is often assisting in the delivery and pulling on the newborn’s neck and body, and not likely in perfectly symmetrical proportions.

Misalignments and muscle tension in can affect infant latch, sleep, mood, immunity, bowel movements and more

Be assured, the care your newborn will receive at The Well is very gentle with no popping or twisting. The specialized training our doctors have completed allows them to competently assess your child and deliver the most safe and gentle care. Often times babies sleep through their adjustments!

A combination of cranial work and adjustments as indicated, along with recommendations for home care, will help give your baby the best start to a healthy spine and overall health.

Indications chiropractic care may be beneficial for your baby:

  • Feeding concerns: painful latch, leaking and/or clicking at the breast or bottle, slow weight gain

  • Bowel movements: decreased or uncomfortable bowel movements

  • Neck or back discomfort: frequent arching of their back, favoring their head to one side, preference of latching on one breast over the other, fussiness/ colic

  • Signs of illness: ear discomfort or infections, goopy eyes, congestion

  • Birth trauma: vacuum/forceps delivery, bruising, misshapen head, very quick or long labor/pushing time

The sooner we can restore health to these little ones, the better their life will be…why not start them on the path to optimal health early?

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