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May 12

Natural Newborn Care

June 9

Movement and Postures for Optimal Pregnancy/Delivery

July 14

Infant Massage

August 11

C-Section Scar Workshop

September 8

Herbs for Pregnancy  

October 13

Prenatal/Postpartum Nutrition

November 10

Prenatal Breastfeeding Prep

December 8

Pelvic Floor Support

Come learn more about natural tools and tricks for parents of newborns. Certified Professional Midwife, Sarah, will go over natural approaches to newborn care such as safe co-sleeping practices, babywearing, low-toxin options for diapers and formula, as well as remedies for newborn ailments such as diaper rash, colic, umbilical cord care, eczema, fevers, colds and flus.

Did you ever consider that how you sleep, sit, stand and move can have a dramatic influence on the birth of your baby? Come and discover the best postures to follow and movement patterns to incorporate into your day throughout pregnancy, and beyond, to help decrease discomfort and increase the chances beneficial birth outcomes.

Infant massage is a fun, simple way to bond with your little one! With benefits such as reduced crying, improved digestion, and better breastfeeding, new and expecting parents will want to add this skill to their toolbelt. Non-mobile infants are welcome. Expecting parents should bring a baby doll to practice on. 

FREE to attend.


Did you have a cesarean? Nearly 1 in 3 moms in the US have! Did you know there are ways to improve scar mobility and appearance? Join Katherine Ward, a licensed massage therapist, as she teaches you how to work on your own scar at home.  $10 charge for the custom essential oil blend each participant will take home.


Learn from Certified Herbalist and Midwife, Sarah Sorvillo, what herbs and remedies are safely and commonly used to support a healthy pregnancy. Discussed are herbs traditionally used for vitamins and minerals, mood support, labor prep and common complaints like swelling and sleep.

Come and discuss the importance of what you eat, for yourself and your baby. We will talk about what types of foods to eat, and what to avoid, and the why behind those. You will leave with recipes, tips on how to achieve optimal nutrition and hydration.

We spend hours of time and hundreds of dollars preparing for the birth of our children and stocking their nursery. One thing often left to chance is breastfeeding, there is a popular notion that it should just be ‘natural’. There are many considerations available to help increase the likelihood of a successful nursing relationship with your infant(s) and the prenatal period is the best time to begin to equip yourself with knowledge, tips and most importantly, resources available to you that you have already vetted and added to your phone.

Fact or fiction...every pregnant woman needs to be doing Kegels? FICTION! The fact of the matter is that every woman does benefit from knowing about the importance of pelvic floor health, before, during and years beyond pregnancy. Learn alongside an expert about what the pelvic floor is, why it matters, and what you can and should be doing to keep you comfortable in pregnancy, efficient in labor and pushing, on the path to healing and strength postpartum, and limiting the chances of incontinence now, or later in life.


A collaborative creation of Genesis Birth & Massage, The Well Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractic, and Free Spirit Midwife.

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