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5 Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy This Winter

This winter has proved to be one of the hardest on littles’ immune systems than any I can remember in decades. Here are my top 5 things to focus on, and to keep on hand, in order to keep their immune systems happy. Don’t forget how important it is to stick to the basics and to be consistent.

5 Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy This Winter:

  1. Sleep: make sure your littles are getting at least 8-10 hours consistently at night.

  2. Nutrition: eating real and whole foods will give your child’s body the nutrients it needs to boost the immune system – look for colors of the rainbow and aim for a different fruit and vegetable each day

  3. Water Intake: helping your child get at least half their body weight in ounces of water each day will help move toxins out and keep skin hydrated.

  4. Fresh Air: encourage your child to get outside (when temperatures are safe) to get some fresh air and any possible sunshine

  5. Vitamins: commit to making sure you are getting vitamins into those little ones every day. To make sure they get any vitamins and minerals that your child’s diet is lacking in we recommend:

    • A multivitamin if your child is not nursing/bottlefed

    • Vitamin D

    • Probiotic

    • Garlic and mullein ear drops – we use these proactively any time our children are teething or have a fever

Don’t forget to ask us about our favorite supplements at your next visit, or give us a call or send us a message. It’s an honor to partner with you and your family in your health and wellness journey!

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