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We typically don’t check our kiddos' temperatures when they are not feeling well, as it rarely changes the course of action.

When we have illness in our home, we typically let the fever be, ensuring they stay hydrated and get the appropriate nutrition (especially minerals!).

Recently, our oldest son was fighting a tricky virus, and his temperature was spiking. One thing I strongly recommend you have on hand is Calcium LACTATE (and the lactate part matters!). Calcium is in higher demand during the fever-fighting process as the body uses it to help activate the white blood cells to fight whatever infection they are coming up against.

Our oldest can easily swallow pills, so we gave him (2) to start and then one an hour until his body started to regulate and his fever was at a more comfortable point. When his fever was so high, his muscles and bones were aching intensely. Providing his body extra support so it didn’t need to pull from his muscles/bones seemed to help the discomfort quickly.

Our youngest (he had febrile seizures until he was five and was the exception to our tendency not to monitor temps) needed to have a calcium powder option instead. We would mix 100mg of the calcium lactate into a warm drink with water and a little electrolyte powder.

Remember that our body is so intelligent and wants to keep us well. Unfortunately, we are living in a toxic world, and the stress levels are seemingly increasing by the month, which in turn depletes our minerals. In the spirit of proper PROACTIVE health, stock up on calcium lactate BEFORE you need it. Stop in today to get this tool for your toolkit.

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