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Should I Get Adjusted After I Have My Baby?

Updated: Mar 17

Tammy from Birthwell adjusting a pregnant woman for chiropractic care

We try to be very intentional about our time together during your visit at The Well. One topic we make a priority to discuss around 34-36 weeks is the importance of scheduling your visit for after baby is born (for you AND baby). Many moms hit the 38-week mark and often ask if they should wait to schedule their next appointment ‘in case they have their baby’. In as gentle of a way as possible, we want to make sure to address the reality that baby may be here that night, or four weeks longer.

Keeping your appointments regular is critical at this time, as labor is eminent and pelvic alignment is more important than ever. We always assure mom what a joy it will be if they show up at their next scheduled appointment WITH their baby.

Why The Time is Right

Post-partum is one of the ‘golden’ times to get adjusted. As relaxin is reducing on a daily basis (but sometimes stays present up to 12 months!), the ligaments in your body that were stretched to accommodate baby are now shortening. As this process happens, we want to ensure that your body (low back and pelvis specifically) are in the most optimal position possible. Some moms have reported better spinal health post-partum than years previously, with better alignment after relaxin has been reduced.

When To Get Adjusted (Mom)

Tammy from Birthwell adjusting a pregnant woman's stomach for chiropractic care

When asked how soon after delivery you should come to get adjusted, our answer is always “As soon as you are ready!”. Some moms are seen the day they give birth, others on the way home from the hospital, and still others weeks after delivery. Whether you had a vaginal birth or a cesarean, we have the tools to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and the experience to make sure you are treated in the most specific and effective, yet gentle way. This means that we make sure there is extra cushioning for your breasts that may be engorged, space so there is nothing contacting your cesarean incision and extra padding for the tender area in your abdomen and below.

When To Get Adjusted (Baby)

Tammy from Birthwell adjusting a newborn baby for chiropractic care

Newborn babies have also been adjusted minutes after their birth, or weeks later. Chiropractic care can happen as baby nurses, nestled on mom’s chest, in the comfort of dad’s arm or in the comfort of a nook in the doctor’s lap. Many babies sleep through their adjustment and we often hear that they are so relaxed and content the remainder of the day and night. This compassion and care can be pivotal for a newborn’s feeding relationship, immune system function, comfort and development.

Always a Part of the The Well Family

At The Well, we want to make sure that there is nothing limiting you from seeking chiropractic care for you and your children. Know that you will be well cared for with every post-partum detail considered and your baby will be in experienced and confident hands. We have options for women and families where finances are a concern as well. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you, and once you are in the The Well family, you are always welcome here, regardless of your child’s age!

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