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Why is chiropractic care in pregnancy recommended?

Updated: May 30, 2022

Pregnancy is such an amazing journey and sacred time in a woman’s life! As a new life is growing inside, the mother’s body is changing too. Ligaments are expanding, muscles are stretching and her center of gravity is shifting. The curvature in their low back increases to compensate for the additional weight in their abdomen and their pelvic floor muscles will be asked to work a little harder.

At the same time, the amount of relaxin (the hormone that allows for a lot of the changes/expansion in pregnancy) circulating throughout their body continuously increases until delivery.

These changes are NORMAL! Being pregnant does not mean that an expecting mother has to experience back pain or discomfort.

Getting adjusted during pregnancy has the potential to:

  • Help prevent or decrease back, pelvic and ligament pain

  • Helping to optimize baby’s position, reduce the likelihood of back labor

  • Shorten the duration of labor and pushing

  • Create the most open and symmetrical pelvic outlet, not only for baby to be head down, but central over the cervix and facing the optimal way

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