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7 Tips to Staying Cool While Pregnant This Summer

Some women dread being pregnant in the summer heat. For me, there were many things that I actually enjoyed during my summer pregnancies. Swimming in the pool with my other children as a form of exercise, frozen refreshing treats and wearing airy dresses were some of my favorites. My last three pregnancies had September due dates, and I just became committed to keeping cool (and using compression hose and acupuncture)!

pregnant woman in bathing suit standing on beach in front of waves and rocks

Here are seven tips for staying cool while pregnant this summer:

Stay Hydrated

Keep a water bottle with you at all times (add Ultima electrolyte powder or

cucumber, watermelon, or other fruit for an added bonus).

Stay Rested

Sleep is important for a healthy pregnancy. Set up an environment that is dark and cool (68 degrees is the perfect temperature to sleep). Wear light clothing such as organic cotton, silk, or linen and no underwear if you are comfortable. Sleep on moisture-wicking or bamboo sheets with a fan to keep air moving in your room.

hand in the water while on float in pool

Stay Active

Find a local pool or body of water to visit to cool off and float. This can also be a great source of prenatal exercise.

Stay Smart

Avoid overheating from being out in the direct sun or hot temperatures and choose to gather with friends in air conditioned or shaded areas.

Stay Covered

Keep sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses and sunblock clothing in your car or bag.

watermelon popsicles with leaf in corner

Stay Creative

Cool down with cooling cloths or ice packs. Make refreshing summer frozen

drinks, popsicles, and frozen fruit medleys.

Stay Stylish

Wear natural fabrics (linen, bamboo, light organic cotton) and invest in some

flowing dresses that allow air movement.

Don’t let the summer sun get you down. It’s ok to embrace, and also avoid the heat and still enjoy your summer baby bump!

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